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Valve world asia visits shenheyun, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Huayi Engineering Co., Ltd.

in this special period, close interpersonal communication seems to have become a luxury. For every ordinary person, learning to coexist with the epidemic is the sustainable way of life. This is true of many old friends in Asia of the valve world. As always, they generously share their duties with readers in the valve circle

in this special period, close interpersonal communication seems to have become a luxury. For every ordinary person, learning to coexist with the epidemic is the sustainable way of life. This is true of many old friends in Asia of the valve world. As always, they generously share their professional experience with readers in the valve industry and bring fresh industry information as usual. In this issue, we conducted a "cloud interview" with Shen Heyun, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Huayi Engineering Co., Ltd., and shared his sincere suggestions on different types of valve suppliers in the current Chinese market

as the deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Huayi Engineering Co., Ltd., Shen Heyun also serves as the professional technical committee of equipment, pumps and mixing in the national chemical equipment center station, and the technical committee of the national chemical furnace center station. He introduced to the author that his current main responsibility is engineering survey and design, mainly responsible for petrochemical engineering projects and technical support for non-standard equipment, pump equipment and other equipment. At the same time, he is also the technical director of the company's pressure vessel design

referring to his personal work experience, Shen Gong said that after graduation, he was engaged in the design of chemical equipment in the Design Institute of Shanghai Coking Plant, a former national secondary enterprise. In his 13 year design career, he started as a technician and went all the way to the director of the office. Later, he was transferred to the production and operation management position of the factory, responsible for the maintenance of production and operation equipment and the technical support of infrastructure projects. During this period, he successively served as the section chief in charge of the maintenance and management of the equipment of the whole plant, the chief engineer of the Department of mobility and the chief mechanic. After 2011, he was transferred to the current Shanghai Huayi Engineering Co., Ltd. as the deputy chief engineer

Shen Heyun

has experienced continuous changes in his job, but valve is a long-term theme in his career. "Because chemical equipment is built into production devices by connecting pipelines in series, it is inseparable from all kinds of valves and pipelines with different functions and attributes." It is precisely because of his long-term involvement in this industry that he has witnessed the rapid development and progress of the local valve industry for more than 30 years, and has rich experience and experience in the use of various valves

suggestion 1: the adaptability of valves to vulnerable parts needs to be improved

the comparison and selection of imported valves and local valves has always been an inseparable topic. For this, Shen Gong said that with the progress of technology, the dependence on imported valves in the Chinese market is gradually decreasing

"when I worked in a chemical production plant, I was limited to the equipment level of domestic manufacturing industry at that time and the elimination method was to remove the glass manufacturing technology level of the dial, and I had to rely on imported valves and imported materials. Although some equipment still needs to be imported at present, the motherland is becoming stronger and larger, and the number of imports is decreasing year by year." In his experience, there are also some problems in the use and subsequent maintenance of imported valves, which do not occupy an absolute advantage. "Imported valves have been used for a period of time and are also facing the problem of how to repair. In order to solve the maintenance period and cost, taking advantage of Shanghai's geographical location, we will find a suitable machinery factory nearby in Shanghai to guide the maintenance of imported valves, map vulnerable parts and promote localization."

Shen Gong said for example, "we once used a coal slurry valve of an imported brand. Once, a small explosion occurred in the device. The blind thread connecting bolt of the valve was pulled out, and the thread of the blind thread was completely invalid. Therefore, we worked out the maintenance technical scheme and specific requirements according to local conditions, and then found a valve factory in Wuxi, where we guided the maintenance throughout the process. It took less than 7 days to finally complete the repair." Another case is an imported integral gear type large centrifugal compressor (co compressor) of Shanghai Nenghua in 2018. Due to the sudden change of load, the instantaneous rotor vibration was too large, causing the four-stage impeller to collide with the diffuser and completely scrapping the impeller and diffuser. "At that time, there were no spare parts, and the original supplier of the newly processed impeller needed at least an 8-month cycle, so we could only find a suitable machining plant in China. From volute mapping, reverse three-dimensional impeller design, internal technical demonstration and review to the implementation of processing and replacement of damaged impellers and diffusers, it took less than 40 days to start up successfully." Over the past three decades, he has experienced the strategic objectives of the laboratory machine manufacturing enterprise itself, the investment of scientific and technological personnel and scientific research funds, the allocation and improvement of scientific research means, the need to implement countless types of valve maintenance, and the story of discussing improvement and optimization schemes with valve manufacturers

talking about the weakness of local valves and their sealing products, Shen Gong's words revealed the crux of what he had seen: "Due to the disorderly competition in the domestic valve market, the overall dimensions of the valve and the adaptability of vulnerable parts are not good. The only thing that can be achieved is that the valve flange can be in place according to the standards and specific requirements specified by the customer, while other aspects are basically in a missing state. Some manufacturers, like manufacturers, do not use interchangeability between vulnerable parts even if the products of different years are of the same model and specification. For example, the valve structure of ISO is long Degree standard, although the international standard changes with each passing day, but the standard is still maintained so far, our country also draws lessons from this standard. Some standards should indeed keep pace with the times, but changes in some standards' affect the whole body 'will cause various industries to adapt to their changes. " In this regard, he put forward his own suggestions: "From the national level, in order to optimize resources and practice energy-saving sustainable development, it is necessary to have a mandatory solidification size specification for fitting with pipelines. Seals can be like computer accessories, and it is best to achieve an internationally unified standard fitting interface. The so-called connotation can be personalized, but the interchangeability of shape and pipeline connection size, vulnerable parts should keep up. Of course, this needs to be promoted by leading valve enterprises, supplemented by the state The support and guidance of the market supervision bureau. "

suggestion 2: after sales maintenance classification

Professional Valves can build an exchange platform for owners

we have been dealing with valves for more than 30 years. Shen Gong believes that valves in the market can be divided into general, special and special categories, On this basis, he put forward the constructive idea of classified marketing for the different development characteristics of these three types of valves in China's market: "I think different types of valves should be suitable for different marketing models, and the ways of collecting after-sales information should also be different. Manufacturers involved in the sale of special and special types of professional valves can build a platform, so that owners can have the opportunity to exchange, discuss, experience and carry out in-depth technical discussion, so that when maintenance needs to solve problems, owners can also communicate with each other and help each other. ”

in his opinion, there are many positive aspects of local valves. In recent years, thanks to the upgrading of domestic manufacturing equipment, the progress of design means, and the competitive pressure of many overseas brands transplanted to domestic manufacturing, the quality of local valve products has been significantly improved. It is this progress that makes him confident and confident to "beat the plate" and decide to adopt domestic products to replace imports and promote the localization of vulnerable parts. In fact, from the perspective of users, making such a decision for the first time is undoubtedly a challenge. "Users are not qualified to do type tests, so there are indeed high risks. Some risks will occur when you decide which valve factory to replace. The valve manufacturing of this factory is indeed in a controllable quality assurance system, but the impact of the market economy will make some enterprises change over time, so it is particularly important for manufacturers and users to establish necessary channels of mutual trust with the help of administrative instructions Important, "Shen Gong explained

suggestion 3: build valve after-sales fault files, optimize and upgrade product performance

the problems existing in the actual use of imported valves and domestic valves are not the same, and Shen Gong believes that their top priorities should also be changed flexibly. "For imported valves, the biggest problem lies in how to deal with after-sales maintenance and how to solve the inventory of vulnerable parts? For domestic valves, is the after-sales problem factory maintenance or user self-repair? How can the inventory of vulnerable parts and the whole valve be better solved? How to achieve real user" zero inventory "? These are the questions that every user has to ask. "

aiming at the core of these problems - after-sales maintenance, He said: "Even if the valve supplier does not implement maintenance, it should also collect the user's valve use fault information. First, it needs to solve the common defects of the valve, and then solve the personalized problem. Local valve manufacturers can establish valve fault maintenance archives for products and high-quality customers, and optimize and improve the products on this basis. Personalized analysis of the personalized deficiencies of their products in the application of production devices is necessary to make production more efficient." The product is perfect. "

Shen Gong frankly said that his usual hobby is reading. Whether it is related to work or not, he will constantly get new knowledge. His unremitting study habits made him realize that with the growing awareness and willingness of environmental protection at home and abroad, the technical system regulations, norms, regulations, etc. at work are also advancing with the times. "My role is like the 'goalkeeper' of a football team, so our industry should continue to learn, not only to know our major, but also to know the knowledge of relevant majors from the perspective of data mechanics, so as to have a more comprehensive and systematic thinking and judgment on the understanding of standards and norms, which is particularly important for a technician who checks the technical level of the company," he concluded

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