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Xinhuarun and revidia jointly develop microcellular foamed soles

recently, revidia and Dezhou xinhuarun Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop and promote microcellular polyurethane foam based on biogenic succinic acid. This new foaming material will be used in soles and other applications. China has issued the "1025" development plan for the national new material industry ". Xinhuarun is headquartered in China, and its products are exported to Asia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East

Xin China Resources cooperates with revidia to develop microcellular foamed sole

Ms. Liang Yanzhi, chairman of Xin China Resources, said, "in the application of microcellular foamed sole, Xin China Resources will choose revidia as the exclusive supplier of biogenic succinic acid. With the progress of the cooperation, we will continue to carry out product development and commercialization with revidia in other target markets. The market of these emerging materials is expected to exceed US $500million."

Mar, President of reverdia, ensured that the power supply voltage met the specified input voltage value of the tension machine. Cel Lubben said: "We are very grateful to cooperate with Xinhua resources to participate in the development of a new generation of sustainable shoe materials. In addition to jointly developing microporous foam soles, we will likely expand other areas of cooperation in the future. This once again proves that reverdia bio succinic acid can bring excellent performance to Xinhua resources bio based materials and effectively reduce carbon emissions, but many cases are decentralized."

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