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Xichai: Aiming at the needs of users and expanding market space

in order to meet the current logistics and transportation industry's demand for round test pieces to be generally placed in V-shaped slots to test high-capacity and high-quality van transporters, Xichai automobile reform department and the Technology Department of Jiefang company jointly developed and designed a large-capacity van transporter of thermoplastic composite plates. At present, the trial production has been completed, passed the technical review, and participated in the annual auto show on behalf of Jiefang company, which has attracted the attention of users, Market prospects, but among them, enterprises should pay attention to: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales, which has the largest weight in the total industrial volume, is picking up; 2. The cumulative order volume of key linked enterprises in the machinery industry is promising to pick up

with the continuous improvement of China's high-grade highways, Jiefang company decided to set up a project to develop a high-quality and large-capacity car. The tensile test is a simple method to test the mechanical properties of plastic packaging materials. It is also an important index car to assess the weight of plastic bucket packaging materials. The FAW Technology center is responsible for the design of a new low frame chassis, and the Xichai automobile reform department is responsible for the development of the loading part

the newly developed high-capacity van carriage underframe adopts a high-strength steel W-shaped through beam structure, which is compact and reliable in strength, reducing the dead weight and height of the frame. It is equipped with a new low platform chassis, and the wood powder can be modified by 20.0~30.0 to reduce the height of the carriage loading platform by about 300mm. Therefore, when the unloaded height of the whole vehicle is controlled within 4 meters, the height of the carriage can be 2800mm, The content volume of the whole vehicle can reach about 64M3, meeting the needs of users to expand the loading volume. In addition, the connection structure between the frame and the front side plate and the structure of other corresponding positions are carefully optimized, and the problem of interference between the bottom of the carriage and chassis components such as tires caused by the lowering of the frame is solved. The front plate, side plate and top plate are made of a whole sheet of thermoplastic honeycomb material, which is compounded with high-strength flexible structural adhesive. It has high peel strength, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, no splicing, and good overall performance. With low heat and sound transmission, it has excellent waterproof, dust-proof, anti-theft and sealing performance. In addition, the surface of this car adopts internationally certified food grade high-quality color gel coat, which is corrosion-resistant, clean and hygienic, clean and generous in appearance, bright and beautiful, fadeless and deformation free, and can be directly implanted with advertising patterns according to user requirements without painting. The butt edges and top corners of the carriage are wrapped with reinforced aluminum profiles, and the lower skirt of the carriage is covered with aluminum strips, which is not only beautiful in appearance but also high in connection strength; L-shaped baffle is arranged around the butt joint of the front plate, side plate and bottom plate inside the carriage, which can effectively prevent the collision of goods to the carriage

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