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Xichai promotes the development driven by independent innovation science and technology with incentive mechanism

Xichai promotes the development driven by independent innovation science and technology with incentive mechanism

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has achieved great success and has a wide range of industries. A few days ago, FAW Xichai commended and awarded Xichai's scientific and technological personnel who obtained seven patented inventions authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2013

in recent years, FAW Xichai has focused on the "science and technology driven" strategy, with the main purpose of establishing and improving the driving mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, increased incentives for scientific and technological innovation, successively issued relevant incentive policies such as "scientific and technological innovation reward measures", and established eight awards, including "scientific and technological merit award, outstanding innovation award, scientific and technological contribution award, scientific and Technological Achievement Award, scientific and technological Nova award, patent award", The science and technology meritorious service award is given a one-time reward according to 50% of the national highest science and technology award, which effectively stimulates the current situation of scientific results behind others, changes the potential of independent innovation of the technical team, accelerates the pace of transformation of Xichai from technology following type to technology leading type, forms the core technology advantages of the factory, and has successively achieved high safety engine braking technology, long service life engine R & D technology High economic efficiency engine fuel saving technology and other key scientific and technological achievements. The data shows that since 2012 alone, FAW Xichai has completed 70 patent applications and obtained 22 patent authorizations, among which the invention patent obtained by Xichai's scientific and technological personnel - "vigorously develop the research and development technology of high-end products, intelligent identification of diesel vehicle load and fuel-saving control method", which has broken through the bottleneck of diesel engine electronic control development and fuel-saving, and built the technical advantages of Xichai electronic control diesel engine in fuel-saving. This device, together with GPS, EGR Key technologies such as engine braking make Xichai the only enterprise in the diesel engine industry that also has core key technologies in this field

in the selection of the first Jilin Provincial Patent Award, FAW Xichai won the first Jilin Provincial Patent Award after expert review and comprehensive review in terms of the technical status, economic benefits, social benefits and patent protection of the project, "a fuel saving control method for partial cylinder shutdown of diesel engines" and "a method for oil immersion rust prevention of diesel engine cylinder blocks that can reduce the waste of oil immersion"

whether it is "Qianliyan", "engine active braking technology", or "overhead camshaft" technology, FAW Xichai promotes independent innovation with incentive mechanism innovation, and has achieved a large number of scientific, novel and practical scientific and technological achievements, which fully reflects the strong R & D strength of Xichai as a "Chinese power expert", It has laid a solid foundation for FAW Xichai to establish the image of "high-end power" in the industry. (3) flexible intelligent materials and wearable equipment

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