The counter attack road of the world's top eight f

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Heli forklift: the "counter attack" road of the world's top eight

Heli forklift: the "counter attack" road of the world's top eight

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on the afternoon of October 9, heli Industrial Park, located in Hefei Economic Development Zone, welcomed guests from all over the world who participated in the 20-year listing of Heli shares. Under their witness, heli people and guests shared the fruitful achievements of Heli brand, which ranks eighth in the world, It depicts the grand blueprint of the 13th five year plan and shows the dedication quality of Heli people's "craftsmanship spirit". At the end of the ceremony, the guests also visited the full lineup product display and watched the demonstration of the latest product intelligent logistics system

stick to its responsibilities and always maintain profitability

as an old state-owned enterprise established in 1958, Anhui Heli has ranked first in China's forklift industry for 25 consecutive years since 1991. It has been successfully listed on China's A-share market for 20 years, and has entered the world's top eight industrial vehicles on behalf of China's national forklift brands. Since its establishment, it has created one miracle after another in China's traditional industrial manufacturing field: it has been profitable for 58 years; The only state-owned holding enterprise in the industry; The first national enterprise technology center in the industry; Over the past 20 years, cash dividends reached 1.198 billion yuan, accounting for 32% of the cumulative net profit; Winners of the nomination Award for China Quality Award, the nomination Award for information disclosure of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award for two consecutive sessions

since its listing, heli has formulated a clear brand development strategy (entering the top five in the world and creating a first-class brand). Through a series of scientific management ideas and methods, heli forklift has gradually moved from a single layout to diversified development. The company has also carried out a series of connotation transformation, and the enterprise has begun to merge into the "fast track" of development, adding new impetus to its development

at present, Anhui Heli has the strength to produce 100000 forklifts per year. In addition to building a 10 billion industrial vehicle industry platform in China, it has also established more than 80 agents around the world. Its products are exported to more than 140 countries, and it has invested in the construction of Heli Europe center in northern France. Global brand influence is increasing day by day

"craftsman spirit", which regards quality as life

in the celebration exhibition video, guests saw a series of names of technical experts and post leaders, which are the "craftsman spirit" they will always adhere to, creating the quality and fruitful results of Heli forklift today. It is this group of people who constantly innovate, strive for perfection, and pass on good quality from generation to generation, forming the backbone of the joint force of flesh and blood, love and righteousness, courage and knowledge

Li Hao, an old employee of Heli who is about to retire, said with tears in his eyes at the celebration: "Heli has given me life and career. Wherever I go, I am a screw of Heli, and I will always be grateful to Heli." On behalf of all employees of Heli, he wished the enterprise healthy development and eternal vitality

Zhang Dejin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Anhui Forklift Group, was moved by the trust of the employees. He revealed at the scene that since the beginning of this year, heli will hold the selection of gold medal employees and bronze medal employees, so that excellent old employees will always feel the warmth of Heli family, and they are the most valuable wealth of Heli

Heli forklift always adheres to people-oriented, combines the brand value of Heli with the construction of corporate culture, pursues the scientific, steady, harmonious and sustainable development of the enterprise, and adheres to the concept of "creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, wealth for shareholders, and common development with relevant stakeholders". The development of the enterprise makes the government at ease, society satisfied, and shareholders, suppliers, employees, and relevant stakeholders cooperate and win-win Make common progress, take the brand as the link, actively undertake the society, and create a harmonious development environment. The interests of employees have always been an important part of the enterprise value chain

focus on innovation and always take the lead in the industry

the successful technology introduction and digestion are attributed to Anhui Heli's long-term focus and protection on independent innovation. Anhui Heli has spent 20 years from the introduction of foreign advanced forklift manufacturing technology to the independent research and development of forklift series products with international leading level that can be effectively included

after listing, Anhui Heli paid more attention to the driving role of scientific and technological innovation in enterprise development, and insisted on spending 3% to 5% of its sales revenue on R & D expenses every year. The enterprise technology center established by the company has been approved as a national enterprise technology center. At present, the technology center has more than 800 scientific researchers. It is a scientific research institution integrating research, trial production, experiment and management. It has a forklift Engineering Research Center in the mechanical industry, Anhui Key Laboratory of industrial vehicles, post doctoral workstation, Anhui Industrial Design Center, etc., and has built a front-end public technology and basic technology support platform The matrix product R & D system of product and industry R & D platform and backward service platform has an internationally leading and national advanced R & D and innovation ability

the R & D management framework of the company is a R & D management system with joint force characteristics, which is guided by the latest R & D management theory, benchmarked by the best practices of IBM, Huawei and other enterprises, and combined with the specific reality of the company. In recent years, the company has begun to introduce the IPD idea of integrated product research and development, and comprehensively promote the application of IPD process. After comprehensive construction and continuous optimization, it has established a product development management system led by IPD concept and guided by market demand, and strengthened the market awareness and cost awareness of technicians with management system, institutional process and activities, accurately positioned the level of new products, and accurately met the needs of users

according to incomplete statistics: in, Anhui Heli independently developed 485 new products, including 3 national key new products, 16 provincial-level high-tech products, 28 provincial-level new products, and won 6 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards; Preside over or participate in the formulation of 27 national standards and 12 industrial standards; It has 805 authorized patents and 45 invention patents, among which "an energy-saving forklift hydraulic system with energy recovery" has won the fourth Anhui Provincial Patent Gold Award

grand blueprint, enter the world's top five

at the event site, invited guests Peng Junsong, vice president of SAP Greater China and general manager of industry value engineering in Germany, and Zhang Mengqing, chief economist of Anhui Heli, delivered keynote speeches respectively. Taking the development strategy of made in Germany 4.0 as an example, Peng Junsong elaborated the path and possible measures for the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing. Zhang Mengqing described the future development blueprint of Anhui Heli in combination with China's 13th five year plan

the "13th five year plan" development period now is to realize the environment and reliability of the Chinese nation. The selection of experimental equipment should comply with the following five basic principles: "the key stage of the Chinese dream", and as an important part of the "Chinese dream" - the industrial power project, must be built by thousands of excellent national enterprises, For example, the average magnesium consumption of cars in Anhui and North America is less than 10 kg. Heli, such an industry leader, is duty bound

chairman Zhang Dejin said that at present, the piston and piston sleeve in the oil delivery valve are damaged or the tension spring is softened. Anhui Heli ranks eighth in the world in terms of industrial vehicles. The top seven are mainly occupied by the traditional manufacturing powers of Germany, Japan and the United States. Emerging forces challenge the traditional giants, and the challenges and pressure placed in front of Anhui Heli cannot be underestimated. But at the same time, Anhui Heli also has the scale of industrial facilities that most competitors envy, a cohesive cadre and staff team, and a positive corporate culture. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of all employees of Heli, heli people will focus on the strategic vision of "the world's top five, a century of Heli", continue to accelerate the structural adjustment of "products, markets and industries", actively build five business segments of "domestic forklift business, International forklift business, post market business, parts business and automatic logistics equipment", transform and upgrade, innovate and develop, and forge ahead, We are committed to becoming a global forklift expert, a first-class supplier of automated logistics equipment in China, a respected excellent enterprise group, and a promoter of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

at the end of the event, the guests watched the powerful Heli forklift product camp. Ma Qingfeng, chief engineer of Anhui Heli, said when introducing the new products that 20 new products were displayed to you this time, and each product was accurately developed according to the actual requirements of the market and users. When visiting the demonstration of the latest product Heli intelligent logistics system, Ma Qingfeng said that intellectualization is the future of world industry and the direction of Anhui Heli technological innovation

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