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On November 6, 2013, IBM announced the establishment of the smart city Research Institute in Beijing. Due to its universal utilization in daily life, this is the first Research Institute for smart city topics established by IBM in the world, aiming to better integrate resources and promote the incubation and landing of smart city solutions in China

guo Shenzhe, vice president of IBM smart city business in emerging markets, said that IBM Smart City Research Institute will become an integrated platform connecting domestic and foreign resources, integrating global and Chinese smart city construction concepts, R & D innovation and construction experience

the Institute will be an open platform, bringing together experts from all departments within the company, as well as external expert teams from partners, customers, universities and research institutions. At the beginning of its establishment, the Institute will carry out joint research and practice in four fields: smart water resources, smart transportation, smart energy and smart new city. In the future, research topics will be expanded to more fields

IBM: actively expand China's smart city market

since the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan in early 2011, the demand for smart cities in China's public and private sectors has increased rapidly in the middle of 2012. As the tide of population urbanization continues to advance, countless challenges are also emerging. Decision makers at all levels of Chinese government are trying to deal with these interrelated problems. The middle and upper government agencies have adopted the IBM intelligent operation center solution to support the smart city project, so as to solve the impact of population growth on urban infrastructure, and provide better services and better quality of life for citizens

at present, IBM is continuously achieving phased results in China. IBM announced earlier that cities across the country are deploying IBM intelligent operation centers (IOC) to help cities manage vital urban operations such as transportation and emergency response, so as to improve efficiency and provide better services to citizens

Mr. Qian Daqun, chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China, said: in China, urbanization has become a national strategy after precise measurement, and people have increasingly realized the close relationship between building a better city and national core goals such as economic growth and social harmony. A city is a whole market with a wide variety of commodities, which can improve the reproducibility of PD points, and all elements of which are interconnected, affect and promote each other. With the smart city solution brought by IBM intelligent operation center, local governments can manage cities and urban development with advanced means

to sum up, IBM, as the pioneer of smart city, seizes the market opportunity of urbanization in China and carries out industrial layout through various measures, so as to create basic conditions for the comprehensive expansion of smart city business in China

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